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SeeDarkly: New England Scene Darkly Updates, DJ Xero Playlists, & Sunday DisCOVERies!

DJ Xero
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I've been a DJ for many years in various formats.
Since 2006, I have spun regularly in New England's dark alternative goth-industrial dance club scene. A measure of my experience can be examined by looking over my playlists, posted here on LiveJournal.

Before 2006, I had some varied experience in clubs but mostly worked in radio as a DJ for 13 years, first at WPLA-FM; Jacksonville (RIP) & then at WFNX-FM; Providence/Boston (RIP).
I have a B.A. in Communications, concentrating in public relations.
I also administer various aspects of SeeDarkly Promotions.

I post a monthly bulletin called "New England Scene Darkly" which highlights where people can go to find goth/industrial and fetish night club events where they can dance to the music of our lifestyle.
I attempt to include EVERY such event in this listing, without bias or regard for my personal likes, dislikes, or personal promotional interest.
It was born out of the demise of Manray and a need my girlfriend and I had to find out what we could do instead once Manray was gone. I decided I couldn't be the only one wanting a central source for this kind of info, so instead of waiting for someone else to create it, I did it myself and have posted monthly since January '06.
There is a calendar view for the list which you can find at

I am on Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/seedarkly.xero